KSA Group provides stevedoring services which is unload goods from ships to dock, barge or truck and load the goods on the dock, barge or truck to board the ship to be arranged in the hold of the ship using a crane or derrick boat ashore.

With integrated services at the port, KSA Group provides professional services for the stevedoring services at several major ports in Indonesia. For more information, contact us.

stevedoring and trimming

KSA put high value of time of its customers. Therefore, the commitment in on-time service is a value added that can be given to the customers. This is also included in stevedoring activity in port. Delivery goods in containers by sea transportation are inseparable with stevedoring activity in port. In order to give stevedoring service in port, KSA synergizes with its subsidiary, PT. PLM. Relying on proper container handling equipment to support stevedoring activity in port, KSA can deliver effective services so that time of loading and discharging activity can be more efficient.  With upholding safety and high productivity KSA and PT. PLM Stevedoring are ready to handle the cargoes of the customers effectively.

Other Service

KSA provides efficient and reliable "One-Stop" Logistics Solutions that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each customer. From Onshore/Offshore loading to stevedoring and barging, You can get professional team to monitor your operations or utilise our full service to ensure a smooth shipping and transhipment process.